Mr. Van Parts Denim Shop Apron

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Mr. Van Parts Denim Shop Apron.

Stevie Nicks was about Leather & Lace, but we're more about Denim & Leather.

The size of these aprons are our preferred size of choice. Perfect for all around general shop use.

-These things are heavy duty. Brass gromets on all four points.
-All Aprons Measurements are 21" Wide X 25" Tall
-3 front pockets
-Comes with 3- 6 ft leather straps to cut and mount how you like. No way is right. You can see our preferred method of choice in the sample photo.
-Each Aprons denim color varies just a little making each one unique and equally bitchin.
-Perfect for Guys & Gals in the garage or behind the BBQ

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